Top Things to Do in Knoxville, TN

A city with so many nicknames isn’t easy to pigeonhole. Knoxville has been dubbed everything from “The Marble City” and “K-Town” to the “Queen City of the Mountains” and “Scruffy City.” To the list of monikers, we’d add “Perfect Getaway” – thanks to the city’s vibrant arts and music scene, top-notch restaurants, and array of outdoor recreation. Knoxville’s Urban Wilderness, located less than a mile from downtown Knoxville, is a vast playground for outdoor lovers, featuring ten parks, four Civil War sites, and 50+ miles of multi-purpose trails.

To the mix, add the college town cool sparked by University of Tennessee (which dates back to the 1790s) and its popular athletic teams – known as the “Vols” and an exuberant nightlife scene. Taverns, taprooms and watering holes serve up local brews and hand-crafted cocktails.

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