Where Hip Meets Historic

Black and white photo of hotel in the past

Situated in the heart of Knoxville just steps away from the hustle and bustle of Market Square, The Oliver Hotel is an original expression of the city. Originally built in 1876 as the Peter Kern Bakery, the building has hosted everything from Kern's Ice Cream Parlor to a drugstore to a dancing hall. In 1982, the building was converted into the Blakely House Hotel to welcome VIP guests arriving for the World’s Fair.

Several years later, it was sold to Kristopher Kendrick, who changed its name to Hotel St. Oliver. Known for its quirky, eclectic style (not to mention long-term guests such as actress Patricia Neal and author Elizabeth Gilbert), the hotel operated for more than two decades under the radar of passersby. In 2011, this hidden gem was purchased and renovated by two young developers, who changed the name to The Oliver Hotel.

Today, the hotel is the only boutique property in Knoxville with a style that pays tribute to downtown’s colorful history, while offering guest rooms and suites with charm, sophistication and modern amenities.

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